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In the embrace of technology, even our backyard escapes are becoming spaces of innovation and convenience. For the tech-savvy pool owner, integrating smart devices into their aquatic getaway not only enhances the pool experience but also simplifies maintenance. Here we unveil the top five smart pool gadgets that blend function with smart home luxury.

1. Smart Pool Monitoring Systems

Leading the pack is the smart pool monitoring system, a gadget that has revolutionized pool care for the digital age. These devices provide real-time data on your pool’s health directly to your smartphone or tablet. From pH levels to water temperature, smart monitors like the pHin Smart Water Monitor, ensure that your pool water is perfectly balanced with minute-to-minute updates. These systems often include predictive algorithms that learn your pool’s usage patterns, delivering tailored advice on chemical additions and alerting you to potential imbalances before they become issues.

2. Robotic Pool Cleaners

Gone are the days of manual scrubbing and vacuuming; robotic pool cleaners have stepped in to keep your pool spotless with minimal effort. Products like the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner offer smart scanning technologies to map your pool’s surface and ensure no spot is missed. With energy-efficient motors and the ability to tackle pool walls and waterlines, these robots are must-haves for those looking to save time and maintain a pristine pool.

3. Automated Chemical Dispensers

Maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool can be a hassle, but automated chemical dispensers simplify the process. A gadget like the Blue Connect Plus is a chemical feeder that not only monitors your water chemistry but also dispenses the required chemicals based on the readings it takes. It integrates seamlessly with most pool systems and can even be controlled remotely, so your pool remains swim-ready at all times without you lifting a finger.

4. Smart Pool Lighting

Enhancing the ambiance of your pool has never been easier than with smart pool lighting systems. LED color-changing lights, like the Hayward ColorLogic LED Lights, can be controlled via smartphone apps to set the mood for any occasion. These energy-efficient lights offer a spectrum of colors and dynamic light shows, all while reducing your energy usage compared to traditional pool lights.

5. Solar Pool Skimmers

For the environmentally conscious tech enthusiast, solar pool skimmers are a game-changer. The Solar Breeze Ariel, for example, is a solar-powered surface cleaner that removes leaves, dust, and debris from your pool all day long. It works independently of your pool’s filtration system, saving energy and reducing the need for pumping and backwashing.

The Smart Pool Experience

Investing in these smart pool gadgets not only leads to efficient pool maintenance, it ensures your backyard pool is in harmony with the tech-driven comforts of modern living. Whether you’re remotely adjusting your pool temperature for a night swim or enjoying a tranquil evening with custom light displays, the smart pool experience is about catering to both necessity and luxury.

Beyond Gadgets: The Future of Smart Pools

As the interest in smart home technology grows, so too does the market for sophisticated pool gadgets. Tech-savvy pool owners are poised to benefit from advancements that promise even greater integration and automation. From complete pool management systems that work with voice assistants to leak detection sensors that safeguard against the unexpected, the pool of the future is one that’s attuned to both the needs of its waters and its owner.


Transform your pool into a cutting-edge oasis with these top smart gadgets, where the water is always fine-tuned, the maintenance is automated, and leisure is just a tap away. At NextGen Pool Service, we understand the allure of an intelligent pool system, which is why our services are geared towards complementing the latest in pool technology. For advice on which gadgets might best suit your space, or for professional installation and pool cleaning servicing, dive into a conversation with us; we’re here to navigate the tech tide with you.

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