Green Pool Cleaning: Restoring Your Sparkling Oasis

At NextGen Pool Service, we understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with a green pool. Whether it’s due to algae overgrowth, poor circulation, or chemical imbalance, a green pool in Peoria, or anywhere for that matter, is not just an eyesore—it’s a call to action. Our Green Pool Cleaning service is specifically designed to tackle these issues head-on, transforming your neglected pool into the inviting, swimmable haven it once was.

Here’s our detailed process to reclaim your pool from the green grip:

Initial Assessment and Water Testing:

  • We begin with an exhaustive assessment of your pool’s condition, taking into account factors such as the severity of algae growth, water balance, filtration system status, and overall water clarity.
  • Comprehensive pool water testing in Peoria is conducted to pinpoint the chemical deficiencies contributing to your pool’s algae problem.

Algae Treatment and Shock Process:

  • Our first step in treating a green pool is to shock it with a high dose of chlorine. This effectively kills the algae and other organic matter in the water.
  • Depending on the algae type and severity, we may also utilize algaecide to assist in the eradication process.

Brushing and Removing Debris:

  • Manual brushing of your pool walls, floor, steps, and fixtures is necessary to loosen the algae from all surfaces, allowing the chemicals to work more effectively.
  • We remove any debris that has settled at the bottom of your swimming pool, ensuring it won’t continue to fuel the algae growth.

Filtration and Circulation Optimization:

  • We thoroughly inspect and clean the pool filtration system to ensure it’s capable of clearing out the dead algae and contaminants after treatment.
  • Adjustment of your pool’s circulation system is crucial to making sure the water treatment chemicals are distributed evenly throughout your Peoria swimming pool keeping it clean and inviting.

Water Change or Flocculant Treatment:

  • In severe cases, partially draining and refilling the pool may be necessary to restore a proper chemical balance.
  • Alternatively, a flocculant can be added to gather the dead algae for easier removal.

Balancing Water Chemistry:

  • Once the algae is under control, we methodically balance the pH, alkalinity, hardness, and chlorine levels to industry best-practice standards.
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment ensure the pool water remains healthy, clear, and swimmable.

Final Polishing:

  • With your pool’s water clarity returning, we perform a final vacuum to remove any remaining dead algae and debris.
  • Our final touch is adding a clarifier to help the water regain its sparkling, polished appearance, inviting you back to pure enjoyment.

Preventative Care and Education:

  • To prevent future green pool incidents, we offer guidance on maintaining proper water chemistry, filtration, and circulation.
  • We also discuss the appropriate maintenance schedule, which may include additional services from NextGen Pool Service to ensure your pool remains in pristine condition.

Post-Cleaning Follow-Up:

  • After restoring your pool, we’ll follow up with you to make sure the water remains clear and to answer any lingering questions you may have.
  • Our goal is not just to clean your pool in Peoria but to ensure you have the knowledge and support needed to keep it blue and beautiful going forward.

The journey from a murky, green pool to crystal-clear waters requires expertise, patience, and the right approach. At NextGen Pool Service, we bring all three to every green pool we encounter. Embrace the joy and tranquility of a clean, algae-free pool once again with our dedicated team by your side. Let us transform your neglected pool back into the glistening centerpiece of your backyard where your family and friends can gather and make lasting memories.