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In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is a commodity highly valued by many, especially when it comes to home maintenance. The advent of automated pool systems has transformed the traditional pool into a modern marvel of convenience, luxury, and efficiency. In this post, we explore the world of automated pool systems and how you can control your oasis with the touch of a button.

Embracing Automation in Pool Care

Automated pool systems have become the go-to for hands-off, worry-free pool management. With intuitive interfaces and smart technology, these systems supervise and control everything from your pool’s filtration cycle to water temperature, lighting, and chemical balance.

Smart Filtration and Pumps

With the latest smart pumps, pool owners can schedule and adjust filtration times effortlessly. Advanced systems optimize energy use by running the pump at lower speeds during off-peak hours, paving the way for substantial energy savings without compromising water quality.

Intelligent Pool Heating

Automated heating systems enable you to set and forget your preferred pool temperature. Whether utilizing a heat pump or solar heating, you can dictate when and how your pool warms up, ensuring it’s always ready for a refreshing dip without unnecessary energy consumption.

Automated Chemical Management

Chemical balance is integral to pool maintenance. Automated chemical dispensers and monitors take the guesswork out of pH and chlorine levels by continuously analyzing your water quality and dispensing the appropriate amount of chemicals needed to maintain a healthy swimming environment.

Advanced Pool Lighting

LED lighting systems integrated into automated pool systems offer easy control over aesthetic features. Create ambiances, synchronize light shows, or simply brighten up your pool area with a variety of colors and intensity levels—all manageable via smartphone or tablet.

Remote System Monitoring

The pinnacle of convenience lies in the ability to oversee your pool from anywhere. Remote monitoring through mobile applications affords you control over your pool’s systems, whether you’re lounging poolside or miles away, ensuring your pool is always perfect upon your return.


Automated pool systems represent the intersection of technology and leisure, providing homeowners with seamless control over their pool environments. By investing in such technology, you’ll not only enhance the functionality of your pool but also contribute to its longevity through precise and efficient care.

NextGen Pool Care is dedicated to integrating these sophisticated systems into your home, allowing you the luxury and convenience of a fully automated pool. Our experts are ready to help you transition into the future of pool care, ensuring that your oasis thrives at the touch of a button.

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