Experience transparent, competitive pricing tailored to ensure your weekly pool service provides unmatched value and sparkling results without compromise.



Our “Play Pool Care” service offers economical and meticulous care for smaller sized pools, tailored specifically for budget-friendly upkeep.

Signature pool Care



Choose our “Signature Pool Care” plan, a customer favorite that delivers comprehensive and reliable upkeep for standard-sized pools, ensuring your aquatic sanctuary is always ready for enjoyment.

Grand Oasis CARE


Our “Grand Oasis” package is expertly crafted for large-scale luxury, providing extensive care and attention to ensure your spacious pool remains an impeccable retreat.

*price is subject to change based on our on-site assessment of your pool conditions


Save 10% on your weekly pool care membership when you pre-pay for an annual membership with auto-renewal.

Additional Services

Explore our diverse range of specialized pool services, from expert equipment maintenance to efficient green pool recovery, designed to cater to every pool owner’s unique needs.

pool Equipment Repair & maintenance


Ensure the heart of your pool remains in peak condition with our pool equipment repair and maintenance services. Our expert technicians deliver precise care and knowledgeable solutions for every component. From pumps to filters, we provide quality repairs and replacement parts that fit your budget and ensure you get top quality pool equipment you can trust to keep working for years to come. Furthermore, we provide the proactive and preventative measures required to extend the durability and performance of your pool’s vital systems to prevent those costly replacements from ocuring prematurely.

  • Expert equipment diagnostics, repair, replacement, and tuning
  • Proactive preventative care for longevity
  • Advanced solutions for optimal performance


$45/mo (with pool care membership)

$95/mo (without a pool care plan)

Indulge in a spotless haven with our weekly spa and hot tub cleaning service, ensuring thorough sanitation and perfect water balance for a consistently welcoming relaxation experience. Our attentive upkeep keeps your spa blissfully pristine and always ready for your moment of calm.

  • Comprehensive cleaning and sanitation
  • Precise chemical balancing
  • Regular system and equipment checks

pool Chemical Balancing

$95/mo + chemical costs

Maintain the perfect harmony in your pool’s ecosystem with our chemical balancing service, meticulously testing and adjusting levels to ensure safe, crystal-clear waters. We take the guesswork out of pool chemistry, providing expert additions of necessary chemicals for a balanced, swimmable paradise every day.

  • Accurate water chemistry testing
  • Ideal chemical level adjustments
  • Consistent water quality management



Transform your neglected pool from murky to magnificent with our green pool cleaning service, where we tackle algae, debris, and imbalances to restore your water’s natural clarity and health. Our experienced team uses proven techniques and treatments to revive your pool, ensuring a safe and inviting aquatic environment.

  • Algae eradication and debris removal
  • Water clarity restoration
  • Safe, effective chemical treatment

ACID WASHING & Tile Cleaning

$85/hr ($500 minimum)

Discover the secret to bringing back the sparkle in your pool with our premier acid washing and tile cleaning services. Our skilled technicians have the magic touch to rejuvenate your pool’s surfaces, leaving them looking brand new. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and unsightly residue as we dive deep into restoring the beauty of your pool.

  • Revive surfaces. Erase stubborn stains
  • Tailored for your unique pool
  • rofessional expertise for impeccable results