BRANDYWYNE Subdivision

Attention all pool owners in the neighborhood!

Are you tired of spending precious time and money on maintaining your pool, when you could be relaxing and enjoying it instead? Look no further! NextGen Pool Care is offering an exclusive deal to our neighbors in the Brandywyne Subdivision.

By consolidating our service route in this area, we are able to pass on incredible savings to you. Imagine having your pool expertly cleaned, brushed, skimmed, and treated with chemicals to ensure crystal clear, healthy water year-round for as low as $85 a month!

Here’s how it works: the more neighbors who sign up, the more everyone saves. With just 10 or more pools on board, the price drops to $120/month. And as more neighbors join in, the price continues to decrease, reaching an unbeatable $85/month for 41+ pools.

It’s a win-win situation! Not only will you benefit from affordable, hassle-free pool maintenance, but you will also be fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among your neighbors.

Spread the word and rally your neighbors to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Mention it to your nextdoor neighbor, who can then share it with others. Together, we can make pool maintenance an affordable luxury for everyone in the neighborhood.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional offer. Act now and start saving money today while enjoying a sparkling clean pool all year round. Contact NextGen Pool Care to secure your spot and join your neighbors on this journey to stress-free pool maintenance!

Neighbors who are participating in this incredible offer are identified with a Gold marker. Every other home with a swimming pool has a blue pin. We will keep this map current to show you which of your neighbors are helping support our mission and those who still need encouragement.

A message from the owner of NextGen Pool Care:

Hello, I am the owner of NextGen Pool Care and I reside just a few blocks away on Marconi Ave near 63rd Ave. I have come up with this exciting idea and I am thrilled to share it with my fellow neighbors. I am offering this amazing deal on weekly pool service that aims to save on fuel costs and travel time by optimizing my service route in a small, concentrated area. These savings will be passed on to you and our neighbors.

Within your Brandywyne Subdivision neighborhood of a quarter-mile, there are 138 homes with swimming pools. I have meticulously marked each one on the map above! Together, if we convince less than 30% of our neighbors to join in, you will receive the deal of a lifetime in paying only $85/mo for full-service weekly pool maintenance with chemicals included!

I will take the lead in spreading the word about this fantastic offer to your neighbors. However, I need your assistance to ensure its success. Simply mention it to your nextdoor neighbor, who can then pass it along. Together, through word-of-mouth and strategic marketing, we have the power to rally enough neighbors in your area to achieve substantial discounts on weekly service.

Some may view hiring a pool cleaning service as an unnecessary expense. But by uniting our community and driving down costs, we can make it an irresistible opportunity for even the skeptics. Let’s show them the incredible savings awaiting them and their neighbors!

Help spread the word!

Mark Broyles

Here’s a table showing the increased discount as more pool owners sign up for our pool service.

LevelRangeDiscounted Price
110 to 20 pools$120/mo
221 to 30 pools$110/mo
331 to 40 pools$100/mo
441+ pools$85/mo

Witness how easily you can begin saving with just a few of your neighbors signing up for our services. Less than 30% of homeowners in your neighborhood with pools is all it takes to secure the unprecedented rate of $85 a month!

Excited about this deal? Let’s team up to spread the word and unlock these savings for you. Start cutting costs today with our hassle-free pool maintenance, ensuring your pool remains crystal clear year-round.

Join us in this neighborhood initiative to make luxury pool care affordable for all. Act now to enjoy a sparkling pool and substantial savings—contact NextGen Pool Care today!

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